Andre Anthony

An Emcee To be Reckoned With.

“Emcees are not born. They are made to perfect your event.” – Andrew Anthony

Andrew anthony

The connection Andrew has with the crowd is palpable in every event he hosts. It’s magical to see the audience engage with him. That is his sole purpose up on stage and he achieves it… every time.

Why hire andrew ?

Suave, charming and charismatic, Andrew is one of Malaysia’s most versatile emcees. The 16 years of professional emceeing experience under his belt has certainly seen him effortlessly through an array of events. Andrew first set foot in this industry by dabbling in deejay-ing and broadcasting but very quickly realised his true calling. Once he took to stage as emcee, he never looked back and has since hosted events for many multinational corporations, organisations and government agencies in the presence of royalties, ministers, ambassadors, dignitaries and celebrities alike across Asia.

The show stopper

The heart, the soul, the live wire, the show stopper, MR. ANDREW ANTHONY is an exceptional talent on and off stage. A true master of all ceremonies, he has been the master of ceremonies for a number of events of multi-national corporations, organizations and government agencies in the presence of Royalties, Ministers, Ambassadors, Dignitaries and Celebrities who seek his ability to steer their events to a rousing success.

the "funny" fella

The combination of his personality & professionalism ensures that every event he hosts is memorable and leaves a lasting impression on its guests. For fun themed events, his witty and humorous impromptu jokes, stage games and acts, catches the attention of the audience and glues them to their seats with laughter.

the familiar face

Over the years, Andrew has emceed and entertained as many as 200,000 people. The largest crowd he has hosted in a single event has been 50,000 – 60,000 people. Having said that, he is also experienced in intimate events with 10 – 15 attendees. The scale of an event sometimes dictates how an emcee addresses the crowd and Andrew has mastered it all. His flair for being able to keep an event serious yet appealing for some events, and fun-filled and hyped-up yet controlled for others is incredible. His off-the-cuff style has seen audience be entertained, captivated and enthused steadily throughout each event he hosts.

see Andrew in action!

NO SCRIPT REQUIRED! If you’re looking at hiring an emcee who can work the crowd without reading verbatim from a script, Andrew is your man. His ability to be impromptu and engage the audience speak volumes of the kind of emcee he is and the kind of event yours could turn out to be!
“I’m a crowd pleaser and my aim is to make the audience comfortable. When guests are comfortable, so is my client. I often tell my clients that their objective will be achieved as soon as I hit that stage. I’ll make it happen.” - ANDREW ANTHONY


Formal: Launches, Seminars, Press Conferences, Talks, Conventions, Special Events and etc. Informal: Annual Dinners, Gala Dinners, Thematic Events, Roadshows and etc. CHECK OUT ANDREW'S EVENT PHOTOS

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